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Memcached Server powered by GigaSpaces XAP

Project Description An extension that allows Memcached clients to use GigaSpaces XAP like a Memcached server.
Current Project Version 0.1
Project Maturity Concept
Project License Apache License 2.0
Compatible GigaSpaces XAP Version GigaSpacesXAP6.*
Project Captain Saheed Abiola
Contributors Saheed Abiola 

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Features and Capabilities

Memcached is a popular caching system used by well-known sites to help them scale especially their database-powered content. The objective is to develop a Memcached server on top of GigaSpaces XAP so that a lot of its advanced features like data partitioning and co-location can be made available to Memcached clients transparently.

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