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A of the Beta release, the VB Space API is all ready for use!

We are continuting our work to enhance and enrich VB Space API in terms of the feature set and the GigaSpaces API it supports.

Items on the agenda are:

  • Multiple Operations - Support writeMultiple, readMultiple, and takeMultiple
  • GSIterator
  • SQLQeury
  • Examples
    • Excel Master/Worker example

We are happy to consider anything else you might want to suggest. Please post a request or send an email to guys at gigaspces dot com.

Installation Instructions

The VB Space API uses GigaSpaces C# to interact with the space. The first step of the VB Space API installation is to install GigaSpaces XAP version, and include its C# installation.

For GigaSpaces C# installation instruction use the following wiki page: GigaSpaces .Net Installation.

VB Space API Installation:Download VB Space API installer program, and run itThe default installation directory is C:\GigaSpacesVBAPIThe installer copies all the needed files, and registers the VB API COM componentsThe installer includes an example Excel file, which will be placed under Examples folder You Space VB API is ready to be used!

Usage Instructions

Once installed, the VB Space API can be used from any VB application. You can interact with the space as you would do with any other language.




The VB API writes C# objects into the space, these objects (a.k.a. PONOs) need to include both space annotations and COM annotations. The COM annotations are needed in order to exponse these objects to the VB application. The object creation is a fairly simple process, which takes place in C# development environment.

Best is to use the referece example as a starting point. See example details below.

API Documentations

An online version of the API can be found here.

A full offline version can be downloaded from the download page.


ReadWrite Example:

This example demosntrate simple way to write and read objects to and from the space.Running the example:

  • Either select to the run the example from the last setup page, or open the file from the start menu under. The example is located at C:\VBSpaceAPI\Examples\ReadWrite, in case you want to locate the file manually.


  • Start a GigaSpaces instance manually or by clicking the start gsInstance in the example Excel 
  • Follow the example guidelines:
    1. To add a Person object, set the Person title as the active cell, and click the Write to space button
    2. To read a Person object, set the first name at the read area at the active cell, and click the Read from space button
    3. Below is a screen shot of the example Excel file with embedded guidelines comments
    4. To view the VB code, open the VB editor by clicking Alt + F11 

Look at the Excel file (screen below). Use the write and read buttons to interact with the space. Use gs-ui in to view the Person objects in the space.



Notify Example:

The notify example demonstrates how to natively work with GigaSpaces notifications from an Excel spreadsheet. the example includes inline documentations and comments.

In addition to notifcation, the example includes Java interoperability.

I have posted a blog entry which describes the example in details. In can be found here

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