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Uploading Files

This page explains how Space Cadets (project contributors) and Captains (project owners) can upload files they want to make available to the community and end-users.

This page does not discuss sharing files within and between project teams; this is done using Subversion.

Uploading API Documentation

Since API Docs include numerous files, they cannot be uploaded onto your Project website directly. Instead, please upload them to your project Subversion repository under the folder named apidocs, and link to that folder from your Project Downloads section. See an example at OpenSpaces Echo Example.

Uploading Small Files (<10MB)

If you have small files you want to share with the world, you can attach them to pages in your project wiki space, using the instructions below. If your files are software downloadables related to your project, attach them to the Downloads page in your project wiki space.

To attach files to a page in your project wiki space:

  1. Login to (if not logged in).
  2. Go to your project's wiki space, which is linked from the Projects List. Navigate to the page on which you want to provide a link to the file (this page must be in your project's wiki space).
  3. On the page, click the Attachments link (document_attachment). When you are logged in and viewing your project's wiki space, you will find this link under the page title.
  4. Attach your file or files to the page.
  5. Return to the page by clicking the page name in the breadcrumbs at the top left of the screen.
  6. Edit the page (by clicking the Edit link under the page title, visible only in your wiki space).
  7. Add a link to your file, by placing your cursor in a relevant place in the text, and clicking the button above the editing box.
    If you are using the Wiki Markup editing mode and need help with wiki notation, see the Help Tips at the right of the editing screen or the full wiki markup notation guide.

Uploading Large Files (>10MB) or Large Numbers of Files

We are working on providing a path to which you can upload large files or folders you want to make available.

To get notified by email when this path becomes available, watch this page.

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