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What kind of problem are you encountering?

Problem with Open Source Software

If you encounter a problem with open source software downloaded from this site, try one of the following:

  • Browse the project forum for a similar problem. You will find a link on the project homepage.
  • Search the issue tracking system (JIRA) for a solution to your problem.

Community Members have additional support options. Join the Community!

If You're a Community Member, Space Cadet (Contributor) or Captain (Project Owner)

As one of these, you can also create an issue in the issue tracking system (JIRA).

Here's a link to instructions on how to submit issues in JIRA.

If you find an issue matching your problem, as a Community Member, you can also watch it (get notified when it changes) or vote for it!

Here are instructions on watching and voting in JIRA.

Problem with the OpenSpaces Development Framework

  • GigaSpaces customers with a valid maintenance agreement can use their usual support channels.
  • GigaSpaces users/customers without a valid maintenance agreement should refer to the GigaSpaces forum.

If you're interested in purchasing a support agreement, contact the GigaSpaces sales team.

Problem with Website and Resources

If you have a problem signing up, logging in, or accessing this website or the project resources (Confluence Wiki, Jive Forum, etc.), contact the Admin.

If you have a problem using any of the project resources, please contact the relevant software vendor. Refer to the links in our Project Resources for Space Cadets (contributors) or Captains (project owners).

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