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Project Setup

Once your project is approved, you will receive an email notification from the OpenSpaces Admin. The project will still not appear in the Projects List as Approved, until you setup your project using the following instructions:

  1. Visit your project's wiki space – you can find it listed in the wiki dashboard (it isn't listed in the project list yet). In this space, the OpenSpaces Administrator has created a set of template project pages (Homepage, Documentation, and Downloads) for you, and populated it with information from your project proposal. Please review this information and fill in the missing sections in the templates.
    Feel free to modify the homepage template or add more pages in your wiki space.
    You must add critical project info marked by a symbol. This is a condition for getting your project listed in the Projects List.
    It is recommended to delete all admin comments (those starting with the red or yellow warning icons), leaving only the headlines, tables, and the Under Construction boxes. This is to ensure that your visitors don't get confused by our comments to you. If needed, you can always refresh your memory and see all those admin notes at the Project Wiki Space Example.
  2. Visit your new project in the issue tracking system (linked from your project homepage and the JIRA homepage), define your application's components and planned versions.
  3. If you have existing code, check it into the Subversion repository (a direct link to your project's Subversion directory is on the project homepage). Please link to your downloadables from the download page in your wiki space.
  4. At this stage, click here to inform the OpenSpaces Admin by e-mail that you have completed mandatory project setup.
    The OpenSpaces Admin will verify that you have performed steps 1-3, and if so, will add your project to the Active Projects tab on the Projects page.
  5. If you want to add Project Contributors, please see Managing Space Cadets.
  6. If you want to schedule builds, visit your project on the Build Server. You have full permission to define builds and tests for your project.
  7. If you like, you can grant additional permissions to some or all of your Space Cadets (project contributors):
    • Permission to post news on your project wiki space.
    • Permission to moderate your project forum.
    • Permission to schedule builds on the Build Server.
      To learn how to administer these systems and grant the relevant permissions, see Project Resources for Captains.

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