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Managing Space Cadets

As an Project Captain, you can choose to have as many Space Cadets (project contributors) as you want under your command.

How Space Cadets Join Your Project

  1. Any Community Member can request to be a Space Cadet in your project. Requests are submitted via JIRA (for more details see Getting Your Space Cadet Wings).
  2. Each time someone requests to be a Space Cadet on your project, you will receive an email notification.
  3. To approve or decline a request, click the link to the JIRA issue at the top of the email, and review the request (often the applicant will say why they want to join your project or why they are suitable).
    Be aware that by approving a member, you instruct the OpenSpaces Admin to give them permission to commit to your SVN repository, edit your project wiki space, be assigned issues in JIRA, as well as work on and resolve open issues in your project.
  4. In the JIRA workflow actions, click either Approve Member or Decline Member. An email notification of your decision is automatically sent to the applicant.
    If you declined a request, but then change your mind, you can just go back to the same JIRA issue, and click Rethink Membership in the workflow actions, and then Approve Member.
  5. If you approve a request, the Admin will promote the applicant to Space Cadet, and give them relevant permissions in your project (as described in Project Resources for Space Cadets).
    Currently, promotion of applicants to Space Cadets is done manually by the OpenSpaces Admin, so this does not happen immediately, and might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Space Cadet Management Tasks

Adding a Space Cadet If there's someone you want to add as a member, they need to first submit a request via JIRA – ask them to follow the instructions in Getting Your Space Cadet Wings. Once they submit a request, you can follow the process above to approve their request.
Removing a Space Cadet If you want to remove a Space Cadet from your project, please click here to send an email request to the OpenSpaces Admin. Be sure to include the Space Cadet's username in the body of your email.
Promoting a Space Cadet to Captain In there can be only one Project Captain per project. If you like, you can switch roles with one of your Space Cadets and let them be Captain – this means you will become just a regular Space Cadet. To do this, send an email request to the OpenSpaces Admin. Be sure to include your username and the Space Cadet's username in the body of your email.
Troubleshooting Space Cadet Membership If you or your Space Cadets are having trouble submitting a membership request, approving a request or getting access to the project's systems, and you've read this page and could not find an answer, contact the OpenSpaces Admin for help.

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