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Below are answers to the following frequently asked questions:

If you can't find your question here, feel free to ask the OpenSpaces Admin.


What is

  • A one stop shop for developers working with GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (all editions), who are looking for components, tools, examples and other resources for OpenSpaces, XAP's open source development framework.
  • A fully-managed hosting environment, intended for OpenSpaces extensions and applications built by the OpenSpaces community and GigaSpaces partners. For more details see About

Who can use the projects directory?

Anyone! Simply go to the Projects List and select a project. For more info about what you can do as a non-registered user, see the End-User Guide.

How can I use the forums?

To post on the forums, all you need to do is sign up to account and become a Community Member. See our Community Member Guide for details.

Even if you don't have a user account, you can still view and search all the forums, without posting.

Who creates OpenSpaces applications, plugins and extensions?

OpenSpaces applications, plugins and extensions are contributed by individual OpenSpaces users who want to share software they've created; members of the GigaSpaces partner network; and our own in-house GigaSpaces experts.

Who supports these projects?

Each project is supported by its contributors via the project forum. See our Support section for more details.

What's the difference between an OpenSpaces Application, an Extension and a Plugin? offers applications, plugins and extensions.

  • An extension modifies or adds to existing functionality; typically it provides a single feature such as HTTP (REST) API, OpenSpaces Open Programming Interface (OPI), or an SNMP Agent.
  • A plugin interacts with OpenSpaces to provide a certain, usually very specific, function "on demand", like an Eclipse plugin, a Project Creator for OpenSpaces or a GigaSpaces Searchable Plugin.
  • An application is more complex and provides a set of features or demonstrates a particular use of OpenSpaces or GigaSpaces XAP. For example, a distributed virtual file system running on XAP, an Excel-based oil and gas exploration application, or a multimedia content delivery application.

How can I change my username or display name?

You can change your display name, email, and password at your Account Management page that can be accessed in any of the following manners:

  • Click the following direct link
  • Click Admin on the menu bar, then select Account>Account Management. Or
  • After logging in to, click your display name (located at the top right corner), select the Edit Profile tab and click the relevant link.

Your user name cannot be changed. Should you want to change your user name, unsubscribe yourself from the system (can be done at your Account Management page) and re-register.

Using Projects

Are there any limitations on using projects from

No restrictions are enforced by, but you should read the project documentation and License before using the software.

Can I customize extensions, plugins and applications?

Yes, though the project must be used abiding by its license and any other terms set by the project owner. You can also become a Space Cadet (project contributor) and then everyone can enjoy your enhancements; see our Space Cadet Guide which explains how to become a project contributer and how to participate in projects.

Can I embed applications/plugins in my software, and then distribute it without open sourcing my software?

Your use of any and all projects downloaded from the site will be governed by the terms and conditions of the license selected by the relevant Project Owner and posted on his Project Homepage.

Because OpenSpaces itself (the development framework) is provided under the Apache Software License version 2.0 (read the license), we recommend that project owners select this license for their projects as well. However, project owners make the final decision as to which license to use.


How are the quality and security of projects managed?

A key feature of is its openness. Developers, partners, and customers are all welcome to share their extensions and applications via the directory. As is true of eBay and other exchange sites, this open model means that the community acts as the judge of the quality of its developments. In the case of, this means that users should carefully evaluate the feedback, ratings, and reputation of its publisher, in order to assess its trustworthiness. In general, you should only install apps into your production deployment from publishers you and the community trust.

Does GigaSpaces Technologies review application quality and security?

All apps on have undergone only basic review by GigaSpaces and may be subject to random reviews. In the future, we plan to introduce the "OpenSpaces Certified Application" logo to apps that have been more thoroughly reviewed for both their quality and the trustworthiness of their publisher. We will keep the community updated by posting news on

Creating, Managing, and Contributing to projects on OpenSpaces

I have an application I think is a good candidate for How do I get it published?

See Propose a Project for details.

How do I create a new issue for my project?

As a Captain (project owner) or a Space Cadet (project contributor), you can simply go to the project homepage, click the Issue Tracking link on the left, and create an issue. For more details see Project Resources for Space Cadets.

How do I create a new issue for someone else's project?

To post issues in the issue tracking system (JIRA), you need to be a Community Member (to become one, sign up to Once you're a Community Member you can post issues by simply visiting the project homepage, clicking the Issue Tracking link on the left and creating an issue. For more details see our Community Member Guide.

How can I join a project as a contributor?

To become a Space Cadet (project contributor), you need to submit a request in the issue tracking system. The Captain (project owner) will see your request and decide whether to accept or decline it. For more details, see Getting Your Space Cadet Wings.

How can I add contributors to my project?

As a Captain (project owner) you can accept requests from Community Members to become Space Cadets (contributors) in your project. You have the final say about who joins your project, but the Admin is responsible for actually giving your contributors the relevant permissions. For more details, see Managing Space Cadets.

OpenSpaces and GigaSpaces

What is the difference between GigaSpaces, OpenSpaces and

  • GigaSpaces core product is an application runtime platform that is called eXtreme Application Platform (XAP).
  • XAP's API and development framework is called OpenSpaces. It is designed to enable scaling out of stateful applications in a simple way using Spring.
  • While GigaSpaces XAP is closed source, its API—OpenSpaces— is open source (running under the Apache 2.0 license).
  • is a community website, sponsored by GigaSpaces, with the objective of providing GigaSpaces user community with:
    • A mechanism for adding new features, functions, best practices and solutions on top of the core runtime with no dependency on GigaSpaces R&D team.
    • A single location for sharing these additions, and hopefully facilitating an exchange of ideas (and code) among GigaSpaces users.

How do I obtain the OpenSpaces source code?

OpenSpaces source code is packaged within the zip file of GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP). So all you need to do is download XAP from our website and you get the OpenSpaces source code.

Do I need to purchase GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) in order to develop a project on

Not necessarily. All you need is to download XAP from our website and you get a free evaluation version for 6 months. If you're a start-up with revenues of up to $5M, you can also apply to our start-up program and get the software for free (with a perpetual license). If you're a researcher working in the academy, you can apply for our academic program and get the software for free as well.

Does mean that GigaSpaces XAP is now an open source software?

No. GigaSpaces has open-sourced its API, OpenSpaces (aka XAP's development framework), however the product's core runtime is still closed source.

Why has GigaSpaces developed

The objective of is to provide the GigaSpaces user community with:

  • A mechanism for adding new features, functions, best practices and solutions on top of the core runtime with no dependency on GigaSpaces R&D team.
  • A single location for sharing these additions, and hopefully facilitating an exchange of ideas (and code) among GigaSpaces users.

I've never heard of OpenSpaces, where is it used?

OpenSpaces is widely used in a variety of industries, such as Wall Street trading applications, telecommunications platforms and online gaming. For specific user examples contact us.

I don't use Spring, can I use OpenSpaces?

You don't need to be a Spring expert, but basic familiarity with Spring is recommended since OpenSpaces requires Spring Libraries to be available to the application at runtime. If you're not familiar with The Spring Framework at all, a good place to start would be here.
For more information about OpenSpaces see our OpenSpaces FAQ.

My application doesn't need to scale that much, why do I need OpenSpaces?

OpenSpaces extends the popular Spring Framework for enterprise Java development, and leverages the GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) for data caching, messaging and as the container for application business logic. OpenSpaces is not only about scalability, it is also designed to enable low-latency, reliability, and high-availability. It is a flexible platform to grid-enable your application in an easy, intuitive and non-intrusive manner. For more details, see our OpenSpaces FAQ.

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Contact the OpenSpaces Admin.

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