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Community Member Guide

Who is a Community Member?

Anyone who visits and signs up for a user account.
Using the same account, Community Members are permitted to post to the issue tracking system (JIRA) and forums, so they can help shape the future development of projects.

Sign-up only requires name, email, user name, and password. We will not make any use of your personal details except to sign you on to systems and allow you to receive e-mail notifications if you choose to. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.

What Can a Community Member Do?

Participate in Forums

Each project has a dedicated forum, where you can post messages and participate in discussions. A link to the forum can be found on the project page (all project pages are linked from the Project List). The forums homepage is here.

Contribute to Projects

Getting Support for Projects

As a Community Member, you can get support for software developed in an project. If you encounter a problem and can't find the answer in the project documentation, try one of the following:

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