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Challenge Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines before submitting your Challenge Entry:

The Process

1. CONCEPT SUBMISSION (optional, but can win you a scholarship)

If you want to win a scholarship prize, submit a brief description of your proposed contest entry by February 13, 2008 (deadline updated), including:

  • Entry name – your application/plugin/extension
  • Entry description – a description of your submitted application/plugin/extension
  • The problem it solves
  • Target users
  • Applicable scenario/s
  • If a similar application/plugin/extension already exists, how your entry differs – why would someone want to use your version?
  • The technology/platform/language/API it will use
  • A listing of environments the code might be restricted to
  • Submitter name
  • Submitter email address

Should you have doubts about the applicability of your proposal to this contest, please feel free to contact and we'll be happy to help you out.

Due to the large number of requests, we have extended the Concept Submission deadline by two weeks – the new deadline is February 13, 2008.


All applicants submitting their Concepts (as above) by February 13, 2008, will enter a draw for ten $1000 scholarship prizes (1 scholarship per drawn entry).
Scholarship prize is awarded upon submission of the final Entry (regardless of whether the Entry wins a prize in the competition).


Submit your applications/extensions/plugin code by April 2, 2008 in the following manner:

  • Article explaining your code
  • Small screenshot (GIF/JPEG/PNG only, maximum width 600 pixels)
  • ZIP file containing your source files (if appropriate)
  • ZIP file containing your sample application
  • Name and contact details


Review and selection of winning entries, by April 22, 2008:

  • All submitted final entries will be reviewed by the judging committee based on listed success criteria and requirements.


Announcements of the winning entries will be made, starting April 22, 2008 at the:

  • GigaSpaces Website
  • Worldwide media – using an international press release and editorials in popular industry channels
  • Award Gala that will take place at JavaOne 2008, in San Francisco on May 6-9, 2008

Submission Requirements

Your submitted application/extension/plugin...

  • Must make optimal utilization of the following GigaSpaces XAP capabilities:
    1. High availability
    2. High performance
    3. Scalability
    4. Reliability
  • Can be in any language and on any platform or operating system.
  • Must include full source code
  • Must describe what your application does, how it is used, and provide a brief (or not so brief) overview of how you implemented the application.
  • Must specify any resources (code, concepts, research, etc.) used in creating your solution that were not originally produced by you.
  • Must be published under the Apache License 2.0
  • Must conform to the Contest guidelines and Terms & Conditions.

Available Resources

  • GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (free of charge for the purpose of this competition)
  • Technical Support (dedicated expert for this competition)
  • Dedicated forum for competition participants
  • GigaSpaces award-winning technical documentation wiki

Recommendation for Entries

  • Submitted application/extension/plugin should provide value to the community, such as:
    1. NEW OpenSpaces extension/plugin that solves a common problem; e.g. Eclipse plugin for OpenSpaces, or HTTP (REST) API for OpenSpaces.
    2. Enhancement of an existing open source project – for example, OpenSpaces execution engine for Spring Batch.
    3. Application providing an improved solution to an existing problem – for example, an Excel-based oil and gas exploration application, or a multimedia content delivery application.
  • Use of advanced technologies, platforms and languages such as Amazon EC2 and Dynamic Programming Languages will be highly appreciated.

How to Submit?

Concept Submission

Click here to submit your Concept via the contest submission form.

  • In the contest submission form, select Concept from the Submission Maturity drop-down.

Final Entry Submission

Click here to submit your Final Entry via the contest submission form.

  • In the contest submission form, select the relevant submission maturity from the Submission Maturity drop-down (Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, or Production).

At you will find build and testing guidelines, as well as all the resources necessary for the development and maintenance of your submission.

For questions or comments, please contact us at

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