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Challenge FAQ

Below are answers to the following frequently asked questions:

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Who can submit?

Anyone who can write code can submit a Concept and Entry to OpenSpaces Developer Challenge, regardless of location, industry, or company.

Can I submit more than once?

Yes. You can submit as many times as you want.

What if I submit an idea identical to someone else's idea?

Our approach is "may the best man win". If you submit a Concept that is exactly identical to someone else's (in technology, approach,
environment, etc), we'll contact you, advise you that this is the case, and let you decide how to continue from there. We will NOT decline a Concept or Final Entry submission for this reason, as final entries can never be completely identical if developed by different people. Feel free to submit your idea to and we'll be happy to advise you.

I'm not sure what exactly is a valid application, can you specify?

A valid application is an application that complies with the contest guidelines, requirements and conditions: see Challenge Guidelines.

I won't be able to submit my Concept by Feb 13, does that mean I can't participate?

No, it does not. You can still submit your final entry by April 02, 2008 even if you did not manage to submit your concept on time for the Early Bird Draw. We do recommend though that you submit your concept as soon as you can so we can provide you with access to all of development and hosting tools. This way you can promote and publicize your project even BEFORE the final entry submission.

What happens to the code I submit?

Your code and documentation will be hosted and promoted at (refer to our list of [existing projects]).

Who is behind this Challenge?

This challenge is an initiative of GigaSpaces Technologies.


What happens if I win the scholarship draw but don't submit a final application?

You can only receive your draw prize AFTER you've submitted your final Entry. So in this case, you will not get it.

Why are you giving prizes as gift cards? Can't I get cash?

For taxation and legal reasons we're unable to provide the prize in cash money; therefore we are providing a wide selection of vendors from which you can choose to receive the gift card/s.

OpenSpaces and GigaSpaces

How do I obtain the OpenSpaces source code?

OpenSpaces source code is packaged within the zip file of GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP). So all you need to do is download XAP from our website and you get the OpenSpaces source code.

Do I need to purchase GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) in order to participate in the contest?

No. All you need is to download XAP from our website and you get a free evaluation version for 6 months. If you're a start-up with revenues of up to $5M, you can also apply to our start-up program and get the software for free (with a perpetual license). If you're a researcher working in the academy, you can apply for our academic program and get the software for free as well.

Is this just a promotion for GigaSpaces?

No. This Challenge is aimed to kick off our new community website and encourage development and innovation in the developer community.

I've never heard of OpenSpaces, where is it used?

OpenSpaces is widely used in a variety of industries, such as Wall Street trading applications, telecommunications platforms and online gaming. For specific user examples contact us.

I don't use Spring, can I use OpenSpaces?

You don't need to be a Spring expert, but basic familiarity with Spring is recommended since OpenSpaces requires Spring Libraries to be available to the application at runtime. If you're not familiar with The Spring Framework at all, a good place to start would be here.
For more information about OpenSpaces see our OpenSpaces FAQ.

My application doesn't need to scale that much, why do I need OpenSpaces?

OpenSpaces extends the popular Spring Framework for enterprise Java development, and leverages the GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) for data caching, messaging and as the container for application business logic. OpenSpaces is not only about scalability, it is also designed to enable low-latency, reliability, and high-availability. It is a flexible platform to grid-enable your application in an easy, intuitive and non-intrusive manner. For more details, see our OpenSpaces FAQ.

Why is GigaSpaces running this contest?

We at GigaSpaces have made significant investment in OpenSpaces, but we recognize that we have only scratched the surface of its potential. With this Challenge, we are inviting the developer community to show us what we're missing, while contributing to the community at-large. Developers will have the added bonus of possibly winning prizes in the process.

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