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About OpenSpaces, the Development Framework

About this Website is a website sponsored by GigaSpaces Technologies and dedicated to creating and serving a community that develops and shares open source software for the OpenSpaces development framework. At you can:

  • Download OpenSpaces extensions, plug-ins, applications and examples
  • Develop custom OpenSpaces extensions, plug-ins, and application extensions that would be useful for other projects
  • Get support for open source projects, the website, and related resources

About the OpenSpaces Framework

OpenSpaces is an open source initiative from GigaSpaces, designed to enable scaling out of stateful applications in a simple way using Spring. It is built around GigaSpaces' core product - the eXtreme Application Platform (XAP), which is available free of charge in three forms:

  • Individuals and companies with revenues of less than $5 million may qualify for our Start-Up Program and get the full-blown commercial XAP, free of charge.
  • Individuals and academic institutes working on academic research projects with no commercial or business orientation with the Software may qualify for our Academic Program and get the full-blown commercial XAP, free of charge.
  • Anyone can download a free Community Edition of XAP that provides full functionality, allowing a single hub and an unlimited number of clients with local caches (Master/Local Cache).

More information about the relationship between open source projects on and the GigaSpaces commercial product can be found in our FAQ section.

OpenSpaces Framework Resources

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