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OpenSpaces Binary Calculator

Project Description An application using an experimental approach for capacity measurement.
Current Project Version 0.1.0
Project Maturity Alpha
Project License Apache License 2.0
Compatible GigaSpaces XAP Version GigaSpacesXAP6.0.*
Project Captain Victor Samoylov
Contributors Eugene Steinberg, Alexander Kuznetsov


Features and Capabilities

Often there is a need to clearly estimate the footprint of business objects stored within GigaSpaces In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG). There is no 100% theoretical way to estimate GigaSpaces memory requirements, including indexes. The Binary Calculator project takes experimental approach for capacity measurement. Business objects are automatically generated with given probabilistic characteristics and loaded into the IMDG in a constant flow. During this operation, free heap size of each JVM in the cluster is gathered and approximate business object footprint (including indexes overhead) is calculated.

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