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Project Description Data access layer code generator.
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Project License Apache License 2.0
Compatible GigaSpaces XAP Version
Project Captain Mickey Ohayon
Contributors Mickey Ohayon

The HBM2GigaSpaces tool is designed to enable a transparent migration of the data access layer from jdbc to space API.  The dao source code generation is based on parsing hibernate *.hbm files into GigaSpaces dao objects. Even if you are not using hibernate you will find hibernate-tools beneficial to auto-generate the *.hbm files using a simple JDBC connection of your existing database.

The advantages of using this tool:

  • Smoother transition to Space API
  • Saving manual coding costs
  • Avoiding human errors
  • Customizing the entire data layer using template (Velocity) based code generation
  • Unified relational mapping for both front-end (spaces) and back-end (async persistence service)

Note: using this tool does not require Hibernate knowledge due to GigaSpaces hibernate external data source support which is transparent to the user, the space API is encapsulated in the DaoImpl which keeps your business logic abstracted from the DAO layer implementation (non vendor locking!)

DAO Generator project structure:

  •  build.xml                ant build file: set gshome.dir !         
  • /templates/*.vm      velocity templates: extend the current templates by (carefully) editing them
  • /src                        the generated source dir
  • /hbm/*.hbm            hibernate auto generated mapping files
  • /lib/*.jar                 dependencies
  • /classes/*.class       compilation output

Project Sitemap

Project Homepage

Features and Capabilities

GigaSpaces Dao generator generates the following out of hibernate *.hbm files:

  • Dao interface
  • Dao factory
  • GigaSpaces Dao implementation
  • GigaSpaces Dao tester (optional)
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